Weeks 7&8–Research, Interviews, and Phone-Banking!!

Hey y’all,

I hope y’all are having good weekend!! I’ve had a busy one–I was taking the ACT yesterday for 8 hours!! Fortunately, this should be the last time I need to take it as long as everything goes as plannded. Anyways, I’m excited to update y’all about what I’ve been doing these past weeks!! I’ve been so busy continuing work on my community interviewing mini-project, doing more research on current events, and even volunteering!! It’s been really fun and, overall, enriching to my understanding of young voters. Let me fill y’all in.

1– I think I told y’all in week 6 how I was planning on interview friends, political officials, and voting experts on why they vote, what issues motivate them, and how they find out about local candidates. These past two weeks, I’ve interviewed people in my close community–older and younger, of different races, and more (shoutout to everyone potentially reading who let me talk to them!!). So far, I’ve gotten some really interesting results!! It’s been really cool to see how people process voting information differently and what people’s political priorities are. More info on this soon.

2–I interviewed Durham Mayor Steve Schewel over the phone!! This was really exciting because I’ve reached out to many of my local officials, and I’ve gotten a lot of no-s. So, it’s amazing that Mayor Schewel is willing to take time out of his very busy schedule to meet with me!! I asked him specific questions about his experience running for local office, his opinion on increasing young voter turnout, and what issues he thinks are most pertinent to our city at the moment. He was really nice, and I’ll be sure to include his interview in my final project!!

The News & Observer. “Mayor Steve Schewel.”

3– I’ve been doing more volunteer work!! I did a lot of phone and text banking over the summer, though I haven’t done it in a while because it is hard to fit it into my schedule. However, the election is getting REALLY close, so I’m doing some work for Joe Biden!! I’m going to spend my independent study time this entire upcoming work solely volunteering in preparation for Nov. 3. Afterward, I’ll look at the statistics on voting turnout and, evidently, the election results to see what went well/wrong in 2020 for young voters. Stay tuned!!

4 — Finally, I’ve been doing some more research to get a historical context and updates on current events!! I’ve been specifically reading about how the early voting process has been going in NC and across the US–and it’s certainly been a mixed bag. However, it seems that many more people than usual are taking advantage of mail in voting, which is good!! All in all, these two past weeks have been really efficient!! I’m really excited to do some grassroots volunteering this upcoming week and go back to the roots of my project.

Until next weekend!!


Author: Edward Rogers