Thoughts After My Last 2020 Phone Bank

Hey y’all,

This is just a quick post to say that I just did my last phone bank for 2020!! It was for Biden, Cunningham, and Cooper since the presidential and senate races here in NC are practically tied… and I felt both excited and sad. It’s exciting to know that the election is here and there will hopefully be some much needed change coming. However, it’s sad because I’ve really come to enjoy talking to people. There have been some hostile callers, but there have also been really kind people often willing to share insight on why they’re voting in 2020. I’ve learned invaluable information about young and old voters from these conversations. I’ve also learned that kindness is truly the best way to find common ground between yourself and different people.

Today, I got a lot of missed calls, but it was okay because we were told to leave voicemails with information on voting!! I tried to draw people in by starting with, “Hi __!! It’s Edward from Durham, a volunteer with the NC Democrats. I’m sorry for filling up your mailbox, but this is super important–it’s almost election day!!” I also heard from a lot of people who said they voted early, which is good to hear because it will make tomorrow go smoother despite COVID complicating things. Other calls were like my final call with an older woman named Shirley. She exclaimed that she was SO excited to vote and see change… it was a great way to end this period and get some hope before this pivotal moment.

Hopeful that change will come soon,


Author: Edward Rogers

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